Friday 31st May: Flash Fiction Slam

This year, we are incredibly proud to be bringing back our Flash Fiction Slam for the third year in a row. Take our challenge, and maybe you could end up in our Flash Fiction Hall of fame!

The rules are simple. Each contender has 5 minutes to read a complete story. Our judges will mark each contestant against categories of style, story, and performance. They may even award extra marks for audience reaction, so the more friends you can bring to applaud you along, the better!

At the end, our judges will tot up the points and award a winner, who will win prizes, glory, and a coveted place in our Flash Fiction Hall of Fame.

Are you up for the challenge? Buy your tickets now.

Friday 31st May, 7.30
Carriageworks Studio Theatre

Flash Fiction Hall of Fame

2017: Phil Olsen, The Haunted Saucepan. Judges: Jimmy Andrex & John Clarke.
2018: Fay Kesby, Coffee. Judges: Jimmy Andrex, John Clarke, Clare Fisher.

2019: Maybe you! Who knows? Judges: Tania Hershman, Benjamin Judge.

This event is part of the Northern Short Story Festival. Full programme here.