Meet Our Academicians: Lyn Towers

In advance of opening our Academy submission window for 2022/23, we are profiling our 6 Academicians of 2021/2022.

Meet Lyn Towers.

I have always enjoyed writing. When I was running the fells throughout Yorkshire and the North I contributed articles for The Fellrunner, and fellrunning websites about the races I ran. As a member of Script Yorkshire my short scripts have been performed at local theatres including the Leeds Playhouse, recorded for radio through Dream Reality Radio, produced by Sol. B. Rivers and a script filmed through the Leeds Film School. Recent successes include a short story published locally through Strix, a flash fiction story published in The Scottish Arts Trust Story Awards and poetry published locally. I am currently working on a collection of short stories, flash fiction and poetry, and am on the 5th edit of my first novel which is a crime drama set in Harrogate. My MA through the LMU (2001) researched women’s experiences through the Criminal Justice System in respect of violence in the home and identified high levels of misogyny resulting in a low response in the presentation of cases at court. The Covid pandemic prevented me from completing the 2-year MA Creative Writing through Leeds Trinity & All Saints University. It was transferred to HND. I hope to complete this in the future.

I was both thrilled and honoured to be accepted for the 6-month Northern Short Story Academy which I find has given me the opportunity to expand my writing and explore different genres within the short story format with the added and valued feedback from the tutor, Anna, and other participants. It was an extremely valuable experience which has given me a wider knowledge of the short story form. I now prefer the challenge this form of storytelling demands.

You too can join our Academy. We’re opening our submission window on Tuesday 30th August. Read more here.