Here is accessibility information for some of the venues we use. If there is any information that you need that is not available here, do not hesitate to contact us on

Carriageworks Theatre

Carriageworks is a fully accessible venue with flat access through the Electric Press or through the front entrance on Millennium Square. There is a lift to all floors. Disabled toilets are available on floors 2 (same floor as side rooms 2& 4 and Festival Hub) and floor 4 (Studio Theatre).

Workshops take place in side rooms 2 + 4. These are accessed by corridor. There are two steps along the corridor which can be made accessible by use of a platform lift, operable by venue staff. Please let us know if you would need to use this. There is one step up into side room 4.

Hearing loops are available throughout the building. We do not normally amplify workshop leaders in rooms 2 and 4 as these rooms are quite small. If you need to sit opposite a workshop leader so you can lip-read, please let us or one of our volunteers know and they will seat you in the right place.

The Leeds Library

18 Commercial Street, Leeds LS16AL

The Leeds Library is a fairly old building. Events take place upstairs in the New Room, accessible by a stairlift up the stairs. Staff at the Leeds Library can help visitors use the stairlift if necessary.

There is largely flat entrance, but the door pushes inwards and can be a bit sticky. There is a bit of a lip over the entrance. Please buzz the door and ask staff to come down to hold the door open if you need help getting in.

There are two steps to get into the ladies’ loos and one step to get into the gents’. Regrettably, the doorways into each are a bit narrow.

If you need to be seated so you can lip-read from the workshop leaders or readers, please do let us know and our volunteers will seat you in the best place they can.

Wharf Chambers

23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds

Wharf Chambers has two entrances: a front entrance (with three narrow, steep steps) and a rear entrance which is flat. Entry to the back entrance is up a cobbled alleyway.

There is one step down into the performance area, which can be made accessible by a temporary ramp. Venue staff are always on hand to help if you need to use it. Please contact us prior to the event there is anything you would like to know.

There is one disabled unisex toilet.