Meet Our Academicians: Lucy Brighton

In advance of opening our Academy submission window for 2022/23, we are profiling our 6 Academicians of 2021/2022.

Meet Lucy Brighton.

I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing ever since childhood. However, I didn’t take it seriously until I quit my job as a secondary school English teacher and started an MA in Creative Writing at Leeds Trinity University. This was the first time I’d met like minded people who loved writing as much as I did. They gave me the confidence to write and I met some amazing fellow writers. During this time, I co-edited Journeys: A space for words published by Indigo Dreams Publishing. I was published in Henshaw Press’ Second Anthology and Writers Forum magazine as well as several online publications.

Sadly, after finishing my MA, I lost the impetus and my writing ground to a holt. That was until I joined the NSSF Academy. I worked with some amazingly talented writers and it really reignited my passion for writing. The process of giving and receiving feedback is the best way to improve your writing and it certainly did that for me. The tutor was insightful and the sessions quickly became the highlight of my month. I was lucky enough to meet the group in person shortly after the course and it made me realise how much I needed a writing group. I have since joined a local writing group and am currently working on the second draft of my debut novel.  

You too can join our Academy. We’re opening our submission window on Tuesday 30th August. Read more here.