Meet Our Academicians: Vicky Pointing

In advance of opening our Academy submission window for 2022/23, we are profiling our 6 Academicians of 2021/2022.

Meet Vicky Pointing.

Writer Vicky Pointing

I write short stories, flash fiction, and novels for children and young adults. I was a winner of Tiny Owl Workshop’s Halloween flash fiction competition, curated the UK leg of the Krampus Crackers flash fiction project, and am currently working on a dystopian novel for young adults. My short stories and flash fiction have been published online by Postcard Shorts, 101 Words, and Expanded Horizons.

Since completing my creative writing MA back in 2017, it’s been difficult to find time for writing alongside full-time work. The Academy provided me with both structure and motivation. Getting to share my work with a small group of fellow writers, and to read their short stories, benefited my writing enormously and was a lot of fun. The feedback they and the tutor provided was often spot on, and, having read their work, I have no doubt that my fellow academicians will go on to great things. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this!

You can contact Vicky on Twitter.

You too can join our Academy. We’re opening our submission window on Tuesday 30th August. Read more here.