Remembering Oluwale 2017 – Saboteur Awards

We are so proud and delighted to announce that our Remembering Oluwale anthology, published by Valley Press last year, won the Best Anthology category in the Saboteur Awards 2017 on Saturday evening, against a very strong field.  A huge thank you to all of you who voted for us to win. You made it happen!

Editor, SJ Bradley and Max Farrar, Secretary to the David Oluwale Memorial Association charity, attended the glittering event.

SJ Bradley said: ” It is so wonderful to have Remembering Oluwale recognised by the Saboteur Awards. This is a book which faces up to a shameful episode in Leeds’ history, and persuades the city to do better.

David Oluwale was a man who could so easily have been forgotten – at the time of his death, the only official records left about him were the arrest records left by the police who victimized him, and papers from a psychiatric institution. It’s testament to the resonances of his story, that so much wonderful and powerful writing has come about and continues to do so. I am so proud to have been a part of it.”

Max Farrar said: “We won this award because the book is full of excellent writing and because we have a fantastic set of partners. The Remember Oluwale charity is tiny and it succeeds because of the collaborations it has with lots of other dedicated campaigning and arts organisations in Leeds.

SJ Bradley is a supreme editor. Fiona Gell and her team make the Leeds Big Bookend a very special kind of festival, and our publishers, Valley Press, were absolutely excellent. Time freely donated by our famous judges, Caryl Phillips, Marina Lewycka and Ian Duhig, brought special prestige to the competition that produced this book.

We thank all of our supporters for voting. This was teamwork at its best. Boosting writers, well-known and soon-to-be known, in a cause of enormous contemporary significance.”

You can find out more about David Oluwale from the David Oluwale Memorial Foundation and you can buy a copy of Remembering Oluwale here.